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Pinoy Recruiters Paid Sign Ups

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Introduction To Pinoy Recruiters

The team we are in the Penny Matrix have access to PAID SIGN UPS from a call center in the Philippines called Pinoy Recruiters. This offers a solution to many people who have problems with recruiting. Also it makes Penny Matrix an even more powerful opportunity.

We are able to have access to these sign ups as we are part of a guy called Tracy Davison’s downline. He has previously had success with a company called Zeek Rewards and built a team of over 200,000. When that company closed down he was then looking for another opportunity he could move his downline into and chose the Penny Matrix.

He then came up with the idea of creating a call center that would help members of his downline to get sign ups. He chose to do this in the Philippines becasue of how well the exchange rate is between US dollar and the Filipino Pesos. This means that it doesn’t cost a lot to pay his workforce and he can offer paid sign ups relatively cheaply.

The video below explains how Pinoy Recruiters works.

This is another video that explains how everyones matrix will get filled. Everyone assumes matrices fill up in a triangular shape but that rarely is the case they normally fill up more in a diamond pattern. This is good for everyone in our team as we are right in the middle of that diamond and it makes it even more possible for everyone to get their matrix filled. Just watch the video that will explain how it will work.


You can also watch a lot more videos about Pinoy Recruiters by CLICKING HERE

Big Plans For The Penny Matrix

He plans to have a workforce of over 10,000 agents each of them bringing in on average 5 sign ups a day. This means potentially there will be 50,000 people each day available to join the Penny Matrix. This is going to create a lot of SPILLOVER helping everyone to fill up their matrix.

By the begining 2014 he wants Pinoy Recruiters to have brought 10 MILLION PEOPLE into the Penny Matrix eventually becoming bigger than Netflix that have over 35 million customers. These are big plans but with the size of the workforce he wants to have it is going to create some amazing growth in the Penny Matrix.

This makes Penny Matrix an amazing opportunity but you still need to learn new skills so that you have value and can help the people you either pay for or bring into the Penny Matrix. You want them to see you as someone who can help them to build their income online, and with sharing and learning from all our team resources that will enable you to do that.


So you probably want to know now what the cost is for the sign ups? Well below is the current price list and everyone has to go through an agent at Pinoy Recruiters to be able to make a purchase. You will then get access to their website where you can then place your order.

Here is the current price list:

2 Sign Ups = $50

6 Sign Ups = $100

17 Sign Ups = $250

38 Sign Ups = $500

60 Sign Ups = $750

100 Sign Ups = $1000

Once you have signed up in the Penny Matrix you then need to contact an Agent at Pinoy Recruiters so they can register you on their site. Once registered you will receive an e-mail with your login details.

I can actually do this now so please send me the following details below and I will get you registered.

Full Name
Email Address
Facebook Link

Just send these details to any of my contact details below.

Skype: j.soulsby
E-mail: info@jamessoulsby.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/james.soulsby.39

If you are having problems with any of the process please contact me and just let me know.

Tracy Davison

I feel Tracy Davison is an honest guy and has been very transparent with everything he has been planning with Pinoy Recruiters. They even aim to give a percentage of their profits back to charity.

The success he had in Zeek Rewards actually made him a millionaire where he was earning over $70,000 a week. He came up with a system where he challenged his team to find at least 2 people in 24 hours. He has a similar system with the Penny Matrix but 2 hours instead. This is how he builds his teams so quickly.

You can check out Tracy Davison’s Facebook Page by clicking the link below as he always keeps everyone updated with what is happening at Pinoy Recruiters.



He is also documenting the launch of Pinoy Recruiters by having it all filmed in a reality style TV show. You can see the latest videos by clicking on the link below.


Pinoy Recruiters Paid Sign Ups Can Work

Normally I would not agree with paid sign ups as quite often it encourages people to be lazy and not develop the skills necessary to obtain freedom. Also very often there is no guarantee the sign ups you get will be active. I think the Pinoy Recruiters call center is different and the way they recruit people is far more effective than other paid sign ups services.

Network marketing is all about building relationships with people and the more people you connect with the more success you will have. It is therefore important to build a relationship with sign ups you bring in, be it the ones from Pinoy Recruiters or your own, and you can do that by sharing our team resources and providing help and support to them and adding value.

Why Some People Are Lucky!

There has been a study done on why some people are luckier than others and it s all down to mindset. Certain people are open to opportunities and seize upon them while others let them slip by. Also lucky more successful people tend to have more acquaintances and meet lots of new people who they stay in contact with. It is the same principal in network marketing the more connections and relationships you build the luckier and more succesful you become.


I felt this was an opportunity I needed to seize and it is now starting to pay off for me. This site will hopefully help you make an informed decision about whether this opportunity is right for you. If you decide it is just click on the button below and join me and our team.

Every active member of my team in Penny Matrix will now get added to a rotator so that any new sign ups will randomly sign up under someone who has less than 2 signups.

Make sure to send me your username once you have signed up so I can then add you to the rotator.

Penny Matrix Sign Up

I want to help you succeed and achieve your life dreams and goals. Just contact me below if you have any questions or concerns you want answered before deciding on joining.

To Your Success

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James Soulsby
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